Friday, May 01, 2009

Well, Frosty had surgery day before yesterday and, as you can see, he isn't very happy. He tore the ligament in his left leg. He did it to his other leg almost two years ago. He's my bionic dog now. He'll be fine though because he bouces back pretty fast. In about a week, I will be walking him on a short leash and soon he'll be walking on it. It's a good thing that we love him so much because he has been very expensive. The haircut is kind of dorky. He looks like a poodle with a mohawk hair-do. He's embarrassed because he is a macho dog.

I will be getting back to painting (hopefully) soon. At the moment, I am working on "Sails At Wailea Beach". After this one, I will paint a small orchid painting and then it is on to making greeting cards, giclees, and framing the originals for the Art-A-Fair show that starts the end of June...Can't wait!




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